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Who needs to buy these accounts ?


Those who are struggling from consistent suspensions.


Those who need to run ads without tracking their hardware, IP, personal info and payment data.


Those who run greyhat ads.

We know how tired you are from losing your money on suspended accounts and not being able to run your ads. Aged accounts with spendings are trusted by Google. If you will follow all our recomendations you will avoid bans and spend tens of thousands USD using our accounts.

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  • VPS for Advertising
  • Proxy for Advertising
  • Whitepage / Cloaking
  • Google Ads Setting Up a Campaign
  • Google Ads Coaching
VPS for Advertising
Reliable and secure virtual private servers optimized for advertising campaigns.
From 80$
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Proxy for Advertising
High-speed and reliable proxy servers specifically for campaigns.
From 80$
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Whitepage / Cloaking
Keep your landing pages compliant and boost your ad.
From 100$
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Google Ads Setting Up a Campaign
Get professional assistance to create, optimize and manage campaigns.
From 200$
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Google Ads Coaching
Individual Coaching on running whitehat and blackhat ads from Hustlers Team.
From 1000$
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Why does Google suspend ad accounts ?
The most common causes:
  • Circumventing Systems Policy
    This means that Google found out that you are trying to trick him. To avoid these type of ban you need to use fresh hardware, IP, payment method, domain and host IP, brand new or unicalized website. Also you can get this ban if Google finds out that you are using a cloaker.
  • Unacceptable business practices
    We usually got this type of ban when tried to use same adcopy with same keywords, so that ad text must be unique. Other causes are stated on ‘Google Ads Help’ website.
  • Suspicious Payment Activity
    This means you used a bad payment method or increased budget very abruptly. You have to use a fresh card with good BIN. This is preferred to use plastic cards, debit or credit, not prepaid..
  • Unpaid balance
    This usually happens to new created accounts and not always can be cured. We noticed that this is a random ban and it doesn’t always have a reason. You can even have money on balance and nevertheless get this suspension.
Why buy from us ?
  • We had a lot of experience with different customers so we have good expertise at making ads run including ads (nutra, crypto, some gambling ads).
  • We can provide you everything you need to run your ads. Whether you need a VPS, proxy, payment method or account verification passing- you can rely on us.
  • We are looking forward to work longterm with our customers. So your success is also our success and there is no advertising better than word of mouth for us.
  • We work for you without weekends and holidays, every day, literally. We are always ready to support and serve you without long delays and waiting.
Frequently Asked Question

  • Age of Google Ads accounts that we offer to buy at least one year. You can see more information on the “Choose Your Account” page.

The most common case is the banning of an advertising account. To solve this problem, you just need to contact us in the most convenient way for you.

We offer help in setting up a VPS, setting up and running ads and much more.

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