What does cloaking mean?

About What does cloaking mean?

What does cloaking mean?

Grey and black advertising methods are banned by advertising networks, but this does not stop arbitrageurs from using these methods because they bring in more profits. To get around the bans and keep pouring, arbitrageurs use cloaking. Today we'll look at what cloaking in traffic arbitrage is, why it's needed and how to set it up.

What does cloaking mean? A cloak in traffic arbitrage is a way of distributing traffic, in which you show different page content to different people. For example, to moderators of ad networks and bots, a "white" landing page that conforms to the rules of the network, and to targeted visitors, a more aggressive one that violates bans.

Why use cloaking?

Adwords Cloaking is necessary because many advertising networks place restrictions on how you can set up your campaigns. For example, they prohibit you from advertising dietary supplements or require you to provide documents confirming your right to sell products in any complex niches. Therefore, in order to pass moderation and successfully drive traffic, you have to use cloaking. 

Cloaking in traffic arbitrage also helps in other cases where you want to hide the content of a page from some users and show it to others.

For example : 

  • You need to hide from the advertiser that you are attracting traffic from an illegal source;

  • you need to hide profitable creatives and bindings from CPA networks, advertisers or other arbitrators;

  • you want to hide the real content of your page from spy-services, so it won't be seen by those who use monitoring systems.

In any case, you have to be careful, because if the deception is discovered, you will definitely be banned. For example, if the advertiser realises that you are leaking traffic from a source they have banned, you could be permanently banned from the CPA network.

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Is cloaking safe?

The key disadvantage of cloaking is account blocking. No matter how sophisticated your moderation circumvention scheme is, and no matter how much you manage to " whiten " your white page, sooner or later the system will figure you out and block your profile.

In practice, it is not uncommon for large traffic sources to bring to court proceedings against advertisers caught cloaking. However, webmasters engaged in the promotion of grey verticals are not subject to such lawsuits and are not threatened with anything other than account blocking.

You can only cloaking for free if you have programming skills. Otherwise, you will have to pay for cloaking. A lot of trackers offer a free use option for a set period or with restrictions. This is a good place to start, and once you have accumulated enough knowledge and a solid understanding of cloaking and its principles, upgrade to more advanced subscription versions and start earning.

Need to know

Important: Cloaking is officially banned by all advertising networks. Usually with time, the deception is exposed and the account goes to ban. Therefore, never use it on a personal account.We strongly recommend adwords accounts for sale!  It's better to use the gray methods of clobbering on new accounts. Ad networks have long noticed content spoofing through redirects. That's why you need to use stream-swapping trackers.

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