What does it mean when your account is suspended?

About What does it mean when your account is suspended?

Thousands of users around the world sign up and launch campaigns on Google Ads every day. Many of them, at least once, face the problem of having their advertising account suspended. In this article, we'll explain why this happens, how to avoid this, and what to do if your account is already blocked.

Main reasons for suspended ads account

To answer the question "what does account suspended mean?", you need to understand the basics of Google's business model.It is based on the comfortable interaction of two parties:

  • users who are interested in goods and services online;

  • the companies that satisfy their demand.

So, what does it mean when your account is suspended? Without users and companies, Google obviously would not be able to continue its operations. It is important to the service that both parties are comfortable within the network and that they continue to operate. Therefore, Google actively fights unfair business advertising and thus tries to make its ecosystem as comfortable as possible for users, as well as ensuring fair competition for advertisers. Suspended account meaning is exactly that 

Of course, Google does not temporarily suspends account  immediately if the slightest problems are suddenly detected. That's why every ad campaign goes through a moderation process before launch and if the system detects any errors, flaws or irregularities, it will definitely notify you and you can fix them. Otherwise you will get a message " this account has been suspended"

As a rule, account suspension appears if there have been any serious violations. For example, a single theme was declared in an advertising campaign during moderation, but the site was subsequently redirected to a page with an advertisement prohibited for display.

Need the old Ads account?

What to do if a google ad account is blocked?

Suspended account means that you will no longer be able to run, create and copy campaigns or fund a blocked account. You will, however, be able to access it at any time to view statistics or withdraw your balance.

Try to remember what you were doing before the account was blocked. It may help to understand what caused the ban. Google won't let you unblock your account until you've corrected the problem.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are  situations where account is blocked by mistake.Many people ask: "Why was my account suspended? If you've been running ads for a year and are only now experiencing a block, and you haven't made any significant changes to the site or ads, the chances are very high that the blocking is erroneous.

Once you have checked the landing page, the content of the adverts and the possible reasons for blocking have been resolved, you need to fill in an appeal form. Please fill it out responsibly.

At the very end you will find a field "Description of the problem", in which you should state what assumptions you have about the reason for blocking your account and what procedures you have followed to rectify the irregularities. Even if you think the reason for the blocking is incorrect, don't leave this field blank: Write down why you think this is the case and what you have verified.Once you have completed and submitted the application for recheck, you should receive a notification that the application has been processed.

The average check takes between 1 and 5 working days; it cannot be accelerated. You will be notified when the account has been verified. Unsuspended definition is that you can continue to use the account fully for advertising.

Who can help with this problem?

To unlock your account, you can contact third-party specialists who have extensive experience with the platform. Otherwise we do not recommend creating a new account, you can simply buy google ads account.

Need to know

It is important to understand that when you submit your account for an appeal, the verification is no longer done by a robot, but manually by a team of Google experts. Therefore, if you receive a rejection and the account is still blocked, you need to keep looking for the reason for the ban and fix it. After that, send the account back for verification via the form.


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