Google Ads suspicious payment activity - reason google ads are blocked

About Google Ads suspicious payment activity - reason google ads are blocked

Ban for google payment activity or system bypass is a slang name and a rather unpleasant situation amongst traffic arbitrators or ordinary users. It usually occurs when google ads account suspended suspicious payments or bypassing the system by first timers. Here's how Google determines if your new account should be blocked and what you can do.

There are so many advertising campaigns being launched today that it is impossible to make them all successful. At least once, advertisers face such a problem as their account being blocked, which means they cannot launch, create, and copy ad campaigns, as well as fund their blocked account. Let's take a look at this popular situation. So. what to do, when google payment account suspended?

Main reasons for blocking

Account blocking always happens unexpectedly.  First you see a red bar in your account that says "Your account is blocked", and then you get the same email. For some reason, there is a legend that it is the moderators who block ads.  This is rare, often the account is blocked automatically by the system, and a live moderator checks and gives a verdict - unblock the ads or leave the account blocked.  Why does Google block advertising accounts? Because of violations of Google's advertising rules and terms of use that people don't read and accept when creating Google accounts.

The three most common reasons for blocking:

  • 70% system circumvention;

  • 28% suspicious payments

  •  2% counterfeit goods.

The problem with suspicious payments relates directly to payment and your payment details. In most cases, new accounts are blocked.

Need the old Ads account?

Reasons when google pay suspended:

  • Your payment details were not entered correctly when creating the account;

  • You haven't been able to add funds to your account more than three times;

  • Trying to link a payment card from another country to your account;

  • You are linking a card that was already linked to an account that was blocked before;

  • You are linking a stolen card to your account;

  • Trying to top up the account at once with a very large amount of money.

This problem occurs even if you have not done any of the above. You can still get your account blocked for google ads suspicious payment, either pre-payment or post-payment. Still, prepaid accounts are not blocked as often. One of the most effective ways to avoid this problem is to first funded your account with a small amount (around $10), and then create a small advertising campaign. For example, in search with a budget of 3-5 dollars. The affiliation of the payment data and the country in which the advertisement is launched must be identical, but even this method does not guarantee 100% protection against blocking.

How do I get my money back if my account is blocked?  You'll need to close your Google Account to get the money you have left in it. To do this, go to our Google advertising payment account, click on "Settings", then "Account settings", select "Account status", click on "Delete my account". Refunds are made to the card from which you funded your account. On average, the return time is 2-4 weeks.

Need to know

If you do traffic arbitrage, it is recommended to change the domain, use an anti-detect browser, change the IP, bind other payment details and use cloak, i.e. to make a complete unification. If all else fails, the best solution is to buy google ads account!


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